Australian Sex Survey – Your Chance to Win

Australian Sex Survey

The Inaugural Australian Sex Survey:  For your chance to win up to $1500 in prizes head on over to and complete the survey. It’s completely anonymous and only takes about 10 minutes.

Queensland Behavioural Economics Group (QuBE), a high performance research team of The Queensland University of Technology has partnered with Australia’s largest online dating group – Giga Pty Ltd, The Eros Association, Australian Sex Party & Max Black, to explore the role that personality, emotion, co-operation, resources (education and income) and attractiveness play for different sexualities, when they search for a potential mate on the internet.

Understanding human behaviour in large scale decisions such as choosing a partner, is incredibly important for all social sciences, and is a currently under funded and under researched field. Independent academic research studies such as this one help to inform policy makers and wider society across a range of vitally important areas, for example; gender equity, marriage equality, income inequality, reproductive health and medicine, mental health, social psychology and education, but to name a few

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